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Работодатель: Staub Prinzip Law Firm

Staub Prinzip Law Firm is an international law firm proposing individual service to clients being the business elite of the Russian and foreign markets. Our positions stand outside the mass sector of legal services and aim primarily at providing services in the field of asset protection, international tax planning and advising on major transactions. However, we also offer our customers a wide range of additional services to resolve complex problems and for this purpose, we have established exclusive partnership relations with leading foreign companies, credit institutions and law firms.

We are now looking for a motivated person to join our team as a Paralegal.

Your responsibilities will include:

Conducting research in the area of Russian and international law

Drafting letters, memoranda, and other documents

Communicating with the clients in the framework of legal outsourcing

Taking part in the Employer's marketing activity, as well as preparing and holding presentations

Taking part in preparing opinions on legal issues, reviewing documents

Handling appropriate correspondence with clients and authorities

Other support to the attorneys


 Last year student or a graduate of a leading law school with good academic results;

 At least 6 months of professional experience;

 Knowledge of English (intermediate+);

 Results oriented;

 Ability to meet challenging deadlines;

 Good analytical skills.

What we offer you:

Convenient office location: 2 minutes from the subway, downtown Moscow

Great professional team and friendly environment

Please send your CVs both in Russian and English.

Срок приема резюме до: 30.11.2013

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Юрист (отдел законотворчества и отношений с органами государственной власти)


Работодатель: Адвокатское Бюро "Иванян и партнеры"

Требования к кандидату:

  • Высшее юридическое образование: гражданско-правовая или государственно-правовая специализация (диплом государственного ВУЗа);
  • Опыт работы по специальности от 2-х лет;
  • Аналитические способности, нестандартность мышления, аккуратность и пунктуальность, мотивация к профессиональному росту;
  • Владение английским языком (в т.ч. юридическая лексика);
  • Желателен (но не обязателен) опыт работы в аппарате Государственной Думы или Совета Федерации (аппараты комитетов, правовое управление), аппарате Правительства РФ или Министерстве экономического развития/финансов, в организациях, осуществляющих на профессиональной основе экспертизу законопроектов и иных нормативных правовых актов;
  • Приветствуется опыт работы в юридическом консалтинге.


  • Подготовка аналитических заключений, справок, обзоров по различным вопросам,  как частного, так и публичного права;
  • Участие в разработке концепций и текстов проектов федеральных законов, проектов иных нормативных правовых актов (постановлений Правительства РФ, приказов министерств и т.д.);
  • Участие в подготовке пояснительных записок и других материалов, сопровождающих процесс принятия нормативных правовых актов разного уровня;
  • Представление интересов клиента в различных государственных органах и структурах (участие в совещаниях, рабочих группах и т.п.) при сопровождении процесса принятия нормативных правовых актов


  • Испытательный срок – до 3 месяцев;
  • Оформление по ТК РФ (оплачиваемый отпуск, больничный);
  • Медицинская страховка
  • Дружный, молодой коллектив


Срок приема резюме до: 26.11.2013

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Professional Development Director


Работодатель: TarraFirma

The Firm:
A top ranking international firm is looking to hire a head Professional Support Lawyer to head up its knowledge management and professional support function.

Job Description:
The PSL will be responsible for supervising and leading the PSL team in the following activities:

• Know-How - The collation, review and development of existing precedents, (including practice notes and work product) as well as identifying and compiling new precedents in the areas where they are most needed. Actively promoting, encouraging and monitoring know-how contribution from Associates and facilitating knowledge sharing across the firm. Attending talks at external conferences and seminars to gather information for know-how purposes.

• New Points of Law – Responsible for ensuring that changes in relevant law and practice are monitored. Ensuring Associates are kept up-to-date on all legal developments – the latest cases, legislation and statutory instruments – often through presentation to regular departmental meetings (normally monthly plus a yearly retreat) and/or circulation of written materials.

• Legal Research – Assisting Associates (and others) on an ad hoc basis with research queries and specific requests for work product or know-how.

• Training – Assisting in developing training programs and seminars for Associates and external audiences including the delivery of these training programs. Developing practice notes/legal briefings on matters of specific relevance to the practice group and Baker & McKenzie.

• LPL (Local Practice Library) / Intranet / On-line products – Manage practice group’s LPL submission (the LPL is administered by the Library) and contributions to parts of the firm’s intranet, information databases and knowledge management systems.


The firm offers a highly attractive remuneration package including a highly competitive salary and excellent benefits. The working culture at the firm is also very collegiate and supportive, with Associates and Partners alike cooperating well with PSLs.

Requirements of the ideal candidate:
• A Russian or foreign qualified lawyer with at least 4 years of experience;
• If Russian qualified the candidate must have Common Law experience; this may have been gained during an LLM or through practical experience having worked in a common law jurisdiction or on transactions which were governed by common law;
• If foreign qualified, the candidate should ideally have work experience in Russia. Lacking Russia experience, candidates should otherwise have advised on Russian transactions or worked extensively with Russian clients.
• Strong academic record and training background

This is a rare opportunity for an ambitious and talented lawyer to join a global firm and take charge of what is becoming an indispensable function in a region growing in significance and a practice growing in size.

To apply please send your CV to James Edwards at jedwards@tarrafirma.com. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss the position first; to do so please contact James on +44 161 298 4500.

Срок приема резюме до: 23.11.2013

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Real Estate & Construction Associate


Работодатель: TarraFirma

The Firm:
A top ranked international firm is looking to hire a mid-level Real Estate & Construction lawyer for their Moscow practice. The Real Estate practice in Moscow has expanded its market share and grown steadily since its establishment. This addition will be part of the firm’s sustainable growth strategy in Moscow, which is one of an extensive network of global offices, which work in concert to achieve their clients’ commercial objectives.

Job Description:
The role will involve working closely with supervising partners and fellow associates in small deal-teams, with a relatively higher level of responsibility than at other firms, including client facing duties.

Lawyers in this team advise clients on:
• Real estate transactions, such as acquisitions of commercial real estate, such as Class A offices and warehouse facilities, in addition to the restructuring of office leases;
• Work contracts with design and project management contractors in relation to the construction of a variety of facilities, including
• The preparation and negotiation of purchase agreements in relation to office and warehouse facilities
• The lease and pre-lease of office and warehouse facilities


In return the firm offers highly competitive salaries and other benefits, the possibility of being seconded to other offices and excellent training and professional development opportunities. The client also offers realistic progression prospects right up to partnership.

Requirements of the ideal candidate:
• Russian qualified
• 2-5 years’ of PQE
• Good academic record and good training background
• To have extensive Real Estate transactions advisory experience

To apply please send your CV to James Edwards at jedwards@tarrafirma.com. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss the position first; to do so please contact James on +44 161 298 4500.

Срок приема резюме до: 23.11.2013

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Russian Tax Associate


Работодатель: TarraFirma

The Firm:

The practice is top ranked in the Energy and Resources sector and offers the opportunity of working with leading mining and oil and gas clients, under the supervision of partners who are considered to be market leading in their respective areas of law.

Job Description

A leading international firm is looking to hire a mid-level Tax Associate with Corporate experience. Alternatively, Corporate lawyers who have Tax law experience and would like to take on more work in this area are also welcome to apply. Lawyers of either persuasion who have worked with Energy and Resources clients are of particular interest.

Associates can expect competitive salaries, excellent benefits and training opportunities. The firm takes career progression seriously and has a transparent appraisal system which seeks to recognize and reward hard work. Attaining partnership is a realistic prospect for talented and loyal associates who demonstrate an aptitude for business development.

Candidate Requirements:
• A good academic record;
• Admitted in Russia or CIS;
• Substantial Russian Tax Law experience
• Some Corporate experience, such as JV Agreements, Corporate Structuring, Charter Agreements etc.

To apply please send your CV to James Edwards at jedwards@tarrafirma.com. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss the position first; to do so please contact James on +44 161 298 4500.

Срок приема резюме до: 23.11.2013

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Работодатель: ГК "Агентство по страхованию вкладов"

уверенные знания гражданского права, арбитражного процесса

грамотная письменная и устная речь

опыт работы по юридической специальности не менее 3 лет

высшее юридическое образование

Срок приема резюме до: 19.11.2013

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Старший юрист (налоговое право)


Работодатель: ООО "Юридическая компания "Налоговая помощь"

Требования к соискателям:

  • высшее юридическое образование;
  • опыт работы в качестве налогового юриста в консалтинговых компаниях, либо в крупных производственных компаниях от 3-х лет.


Круг обязанностей:

  • письменное и устное консультирование клиентов компании по вопросам налогообложения;
  • представительство интересов клиентов компании в налоговых органах и арбитражных судах по налоговым спорам (возможны краткосрочные командировки).


Наши приоритеты в выборе сотрудника:

  • сейчас мы ищем того, кто любит и умеет заниматься письменным консультированием. Обещаем  много зубодробительных и головоломистых вопросов. Хотим видеть специалиста, умеющего излагать сложные вещи доступным языком;  
  • если вы не любите судебную работу, то от этого мы можем вас освободить;  
  • если мы вас знаем, то это вам в плюс, скорее всего. 


Мы предлагаем:

- зарплату от 140 000 руб. в месяц (+ бонусы по результатам успешных проектов);

- работу в небольшом, но дружном коллективе профессионалов;

- участие в интересных проектах (крупные клиенты, нестандартные проблемы);

- оформление по ТК РФ.


Свои подробные резюме просим направлять на наш e-mail. В резюме подробно расскажите о своем опыте работы по специальности, о своих должностных обязанностях и достижениях на предыдущих местах работы. Не будет лишним приведение номеров арбитражных дел по налоговым спорам, в которых вы принимали участие.

Срок приема резюме до: 30.11.2013

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Юрист в Фонд при Госдуме


Работодатель: Galima HR

Фонд при Государственной Думе, занимающийся исследованиями в области реформирования экономики и разработкой законопроектов, собирает команду амбициозных юристов с аналитическим складом ума для участия в совершенствовании законодательства.

Юристы необходимы по следующим направлениям:

·         недвижимость, земельные отношения, строительство;

·         приватизация, ЖКХ;

·         банкротство;

·         энергетика, природные ресурсы;


Аналитическая работа

  • анализ действующих федеральных и региональных нормативных актов и практики в области, выявление пробелов и недостатков;
  • изучение мирового опыта;
  • выработка позиции по изменению регулирования;
  • анализ возможных последствий принятия новых актов;
  • подготовка аналитических отчетов и материалов.

Законопроектная работа

  • подготовка проектов нормативных актов и сопутствующих документов (пояснительные записки, экономическое обоснование и др.);
  • сопровождение процесса рассмотрения нормативных актов: внесение поправок, согласование с заинтересованными сторонами и др.

Представительские функции

  • сопровождение депутатов на встречах в качестве эксперта;
  • переговоры с экспертным сообществом;
  • участие в круглых столах и семинарах.


  • высшее юридическое образование;
  • развитые аналитические способности;
  • прекрасное знание законодательства;
  • опыт практической работы от 2 лет;
  • опыт законотворческой деятельности приветствуется, но не является обязательным;
  • приветствуется опыт работы в госорганах, крупных компаниях и юридических фирмах.


  • Заработная плата от 70 000 руб.;
  • Оформление по ТК РФ;
  • соц.пакет;
  • место работы: м. Театральная.


Срок приема резюме до: 17.11.2013

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Работодатель: Представительство GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL (Франция)


LEADING International Law Firm

Real Estate Practice

Работодатель: Gide Loyrette Nouel

Город: Moscow

Try your chance moving up in consulting and becoming a member of one of the leading  international law firms  in the market since 1920.

Требования к кандидатам:

·         1-3 years of experience  in Real Estate in consulting.

·         experience of supporting various real estate-related activities (general support, leases,  transactions registrations, legal research, contract work );

·         excellent academic background and strong knowledge of real estate sector regulation;

·         strong motivation and willingness to work hard;

·         fluent  English, French is an additional bonus.

You will get a unique opportunity to work in an international team of excellent professionals and  to train yourself to meet the highest standards upheld by consulting.

The position requirements are mandatory.  

Срок приема резюме до: 06.11.2013

Оценка вакансии :Оценки пока нет



Работодатель: Elenabarinova.com

This is a uniquie opportunity for a young talanted specialist to become a part of one of the strongest, most efficient and reputable real estate teams in the market.

An ideal candidate will have:

  • 1-3 years of post qualification experience (law firm or in-house legal department of a big developer or investor focusing on real estate);
  • experience of supporting various real estate-related actitivity (general support, leases, title and transactions registrations, legal research, contract work, drafting);
  • excellent academic background and strong knowledge of real estate sector regulation;
  • strong motivation and wilingness to work hard;
  • fluent spoken and written English.


You will get chance to work together with best professionals in the sector, gain unique projects experience and train yourself to meet the highest standards applied by this excellent team.

If you believe, you are the one, please send your CV with a photo to elena@elenabarinova.com.

Please note that I will be in touch only with those candidates who’s profiles are fully matching position requirements.  

Срок приема резюме до: 16.09.2013

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