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 Вакансии юристов


Работодатель: American Investment Company advising nine investment funds with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and major CIS cities. The grou, http://www.lyte.ru/

Город: Moscow

Требования к кандидатам:

THE CANDIDATE 1. Graduated from (in order of preference): - MGIMO (International Law Department) - Moscow State University (Law Department – specialization in Civil Law) - Moscow State Law Academy (specialization in Civil Law) 2. Fluent English (including law terms). 3. Ability to prepare clear and brief memoranda (in English and in Russian). Ability to perform professional research (in English and in Russian). 4. 23-30 years old. 5. 2-4 years of professional experience (preferably – experience of working for international investment/consulting/financial company and/or law firm) in the field of Russian Corporate Law (good knowledge of the legal regulations of capital market, securities, shareholders relations). 6. Ready to work under pressure, extra hours if necessary. 7. Preferably – general understanding of the foreign law (USA /N.Y./, UK, France, Germany). 8. A candidate must be ready to go to business trips quite often (4-8 business trips in May – June) if necessary. 9. Ability to negotiate with people and achieve results is important. 10. Computer proficiency (including Internet research). 11. Ability to work in team (and to follow the instructions). REPORTING RELATIONSHIP Reports to General Counsel of Moscow Office. (Legal Department comprises General Counsel, 1 lawyer /currently being sought/ plus two legal secretaries) COMPENSATION $1200-2200 net, depending on the qualifications ($1000-2000 for trial period).


Дата публикации вакансии: 26.06.2003


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