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Mid Level Wealth Management Lawyer

Работодатель: ИГ Атон

Город: Москва

Требования к кандидатам:

Basic Job Features

· Russian law research;

· Contracts review/drafting;

· Legal advice in the context of developing of Wealth Management services and products for the Russian market (High Net Worth Individuals)

· Corporate actions (preparation of the meetings, drafting minutes, maintaining licenses);

· Active monitoring of legislative and regulatory developments and analysis of possible effect on Wealth Management operations of the company.

· Ensure compliance of Wealth Management operations with Russian and applicable jurisdiction law requirements.


· Knowledge and/or experience of trust management/brokerage operations under the Russian law and law of tax foreign jurisdictions, drafting of the documents to support these activities;

· Experience with proactive work with Regulators.

· Understanding of international WM specifics.

Job requirements:

· Graduate of Russian law school;

· Fluent English;

· 2-3 years professional experience with (preferably foreign or international) law firm, bank or corporation which is active in the financial services area and specifically in asset or wealth management.

· Good analytical and English drafting skills.

· Willingness to develop into Wealth Management legal expert, locally and as part of a Legal function.

· Good team player communication skills


Vlasova@AM-Aton.ru - email for resume


Дата публикации вакансии: 16.11.2009

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