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Library/Information Services Officer

Работодатель: Waterhill R.S., www.waterhill.ru

Город: Москва

Требования к кандидатам:

Our client – western law firm (international legal practice) – is looking for the candidate to fill the position of Library/Information Services Officer


University law degree;

Working knowledge of a library environment and legal library resources (hard copy and internet);

Good written and verbal communication skills. Some English language skills;

Excellent computer and online research skills.


Identifying, selecting, ordering and managing both hard copy books and subscriptions and electronic resources for the firm's current and anticipated information needs;

Classifying and storing information, usually using special computer applications, for easy access and retrieval;

Answering enquiries from the lawyers, assisting lawyers with research and advising on the most suitable resources;

Carrying out "current awareness services", which can consist of the dissemination of information about amendments to laws, legislation and regulations and new developments as evidenced by court decisions, but which might also include a more comprehensive service on relevant topics;

Responsibility for content management of the relevant areas of the firm's intranet;

Analysing information with a view to repackaging it for easy use by the user;

Conducting online and internet searching and information retrieval in order both to answer queries and to provide a more proactive dissemination service;

Assisting to develop internal information resources and networks (knowledge management);

Publicising and marketing the service internally and assisting with the administration of any online services;

Providing training and advice on the use of electronic information services;

Providing user education via leaflets, websites and tours of the library/information room;

Supervising and training other information staff (paralegals);

Giving presentations and individual consultations.

Compensation: 3500 $


Дата публикации вакансии: 02.10.2007

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