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Head of Legal

Работодатель: Cornerstone, www.cornerstone.ru

Город: Moscow

Требования к кандидатам:

Managing corporate governance and related issues:
o Preparing materials for Board of Directors and shareholders meetings;
o Drafting minutes of Board of Directors and shareholders meetings;
o Keeping the register of the shareholders,
o Preparing internal corporate documents, internal policies, procedures: Legal and Reputation risk policy;
• Managing increase of share capital of the Bank (closed joint-stock company);
• Reporting to the CBR on affiliated companies & persons and appointment of management;
• Obtaining approvals for appointment of expatriates for managers position from the CBR;
• Handling issue (replacement) of signature cards with the CBR;
• Advising on employment, work permit and visa matters in respect of expatriates;
• Developing contracts and managing relationships with clients-legal entities, counterparties:
o Account opening agreements (current accounts, correspondent accounts);
o Opening escrow accounts for new established companies;
o Deposit agreements with clients;
o Forex and money market agreements with counterparties and clients;
o Guarantees (issued by the Bank and received as security for granted loans to borrowers);
o Loan agreements:
secured, unsecured,§
syndicated loan agreements,§
§ loan agreements with commitment lines,
overdraft agreements;§
• Checking client documents submitted for opening accounts by residents and non-residents including branches and representative offices of foreign companies registered with tax authorities in Russia;
• Maintaining correspondence with the CBR on legal issues;
• Advising clients on legal matters and banking business products;
• Drafting and reviewing contracts with vendors:
o Lease agreements;
o Service agreements;
• Advising the Accounting Department, back-office and front-office, clients on general legal issues, banking law, taxation;
• Interacting with state and municipal authorities and with foreign affiliates;
• Monitoring amendments of Russian civil, banking, corporate, labor laws;
• Direct reporting line to President;
• Member of OCC (Operating control committee);
• No subordinates;

Additional requirements/ Qualifications:

• Russian Law Degree and 5 years practical work experience in areas of banking law, corporate law, labor law at banking institution;
• Fluent in Russian & English, both written and oral;
• sound theoretical knowledge of Russian banking law and corporate governance;
• excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, Garant, Consultant);
• strong communication / analytical / presentation / drafting skills;
• team-oriented and well-organized, patient and sensitive to company politics, self confident & convincing, optimistic and energetic;
• ability of monitoring and prioritizing tasks.


Дата публикации вакансии: 18.07.2007

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