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International Arbitration/ Litigation Lawyer (junior-middle or senior)

Работодатель: Haute Career, www.hcareer.ru

Город: Москва

Требования к кандидатам:

It's a great opportunity of joining a growing business of our client - the firm with focus on special situations and conflict resolutions for the clients with interests or assets in Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas and Africa.



  • 2-4 or 5+ years of experience in Litigation, Arbitration, with an ILF, Russian law firm in Moscow or internationally
  • Knowledge of Russian, English and Continental law. Other international jurisdictions is a plus
  • Experience in drafting memoranda and agreements (English law)
  • Fluency in English
  • Stress resistance and stamina
  • Strategic thinking, business mindset, problem-solving attitude
  • Ability to thing outside of the box
  • Ability to calculate the tactic steps ahead, both yours and of the other party
  • Result-oriented
  • High-level of prudence, loyalty and integrity
  • Flexibility and mobility (including business trips)


Please, use the e-mail below for sending your CV in English (to Rostislav Bratkovski):



Дата публикации вакансии: 05.08.2019



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