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Senior Legal Adviser - Yuzhnosakhalinsk

Работодатель: STAFFWELL, www.staffwell.com

Город: Moscow

Требования к кандидатам:

This position directly reports to the Managing Counsel Corporate and Project Finance.   The job envisages that the Employee meets the following qualification requirements and:   education: - a professional education degree in common law with preference for candidates who have a second professional education degree in Russian law ; - excellent understanding of English law/Common Law concepts gained through extensive work experience in English Law (or English law equivalent) matters; - experience of dealing with LNG sales and purchase agreements and price reviews; - experience with gas sales agreements; - working knowledge of and experience with EU/US trade controls and sanctions relevant to Russia; - relevant legal experience of at least 10 years.      2. Employee’s Responsibilities      The job responsibilities of the Employee are identified on the basis and in the scope of the qualification requirements and may be amended and identified according to the Job  Description as required.      The Employee performs the following responsibilities: 2.1 to work in line with the Directorate plans, management directives, this Job Description and Company’s internal regulations, to ensure compliance with applicable law and to protect economic and other legitimate interests of the Company; 2.2 to act as advisor to the Legal Director, the Managing Counsel Corporate & Project Finance, and all other lawyers within the Legal Directorate on issues involving international aspects (including commercial and contracting support) with no formal managerial role; 2.3 to be the main legal focal point for the Commercial Directorate and to engage regularly with the senior employees of the Commercial Directorate to pro-actively manage any legal issues that may come up; 2.4 provide legal support on LNG related legal issues, including all LNG agreements (both long term SPAs as well as short and mid-term deals); 2.5 provide legal support to the Oil and Shipping teams; 2.6 act as main legal focal point for Company’s major projects and expansion plans; 2.7 act as subject matter expert on all sanction and trade controls related matters, in relation to EU/US sanctions targeting Russia as well as sanctions from other relevant jurisdictions impacting the Company; 2.8 as directed by the Legal Director to advise on approaches and prepare relevant documentation to enhance the ability of the Legal Directorate to handle international agreements and disputes related to the commercial and contracting area in a sustainable manner and with sufficient back-up capacity; 2.9 to develop mechanisms for sharing of knowledge and experience regarding international agreements and disputes more broadly within the Legal Directorate with a view to developing the expertise and experience of certain of the Legal Directorate’s lawyers in these areas; 2.10 to develop and enhance the quality of legal functional plans and know-how materials for approval of Legal Leadership Team as directed by the Legal Director; 2.11 to advise on corporate, transactional and contractual legal issues, legal issues related to business ethics and liaison with governmental bodies, under the guidance of the Legal Director or a Managing Counsel; 2.12 to participate in the development and implementation of measures for improving the contractual, financial and labour discipline in the Company; 2.13 to continuously improve relevant professional qualifications (including Russian law awareness) through self-education and to continuously improve business knowledge as needed as a representative of the Legal Directorate; 2.14 to liaise with legal representatives of shareholders to ensure that they are satisfied that relevant issues are properly captured, and risks properly managed in legal documentation; 2.15 instruct and interact with external legal consultants of the Company within the area of responsibility and in coordination with the relevant contract holder; participate in negotiations on preferable service payment schemes; check the invoices received; 2.16 to deliver training sessions in accordance with approved training plan; 2.17 to provide legal assistance to the various Directorates in relation to the preparation and implementation of negotiation strategies and documentation of agreements; 2.18 to provide legal assistance in other transactional areas related to activities of the Company such as project finance, insurance, intellectual property/IT, etc. 2.19 to provide legal assistance where requested to the investigations related to Business Control Incidents (BCI); 2.20 to monitor and inform clients on changes in applicable legislation within areas of competence and responsibility; 2.21 to exercise general support of all areas of the Legal Directorate as requested by the Legal Director or Managing Counsel Corporate, Finance and Commercial; 2.23 fulfil other tasks as directed by the Legal Director, the Managing Counsel Corporate & Project Finance or any other Managing Counsel;      3. Knowledge Requirements      The Employee shall have the knowledge of: 3.1 international legislation with regard to his/her responsibilities. 3.2 Proven experience with the operation of relevant commercial agreements including LNG and Crude Oil SPAs and shipping agreements, ability to provide analysis and resolve differences with customers over legal interpretations. 3.3 Company's objectives, development strategy and Journey Book. 3.4 Company's structure and senior management team. 3.5 Company's local normative acts. 3.6 Internal Working Rules. 3.7 Rules and standards of HSE. 3.8 English language skills: advanced speaker and writer (business and legal vocabularies), willingness to acquire some Russian language skills. 3.9 Business communication rules. Contact: ialpaidze@staffwell.com


Дата публикации вакансии: 21.02.2019

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