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Free LL.M. Open Session at the Moscow Campus 24th of June , Wednesday, 18:30-21:30

Thinking about an LL.M.? Curious to know why LL.M is needed? And what you can get if become an LL.M. student at Pericles?

15.05.2015Pericles Center for International Legal Education, www.pericles.ru/able

"Аксином": Переводческие услуги для юридического сообщества» »»

Then join us at Pericles Moscow for an open demonstration of LL.M. program and how the study process goes. Here’s your chance to find out more about it and gain some useful law knowledge as well in an evening of Info Sessions and Master Classes.

Master Classes include “Extraterritoriality of US Criminal Law and the FIFA Investigation” with Professor Christina Marshall and “Communication Logic:  Structuring Effective Legal Writing with Professor Andrew Mendelssohn. 

In addition Dean Dent will explain what to look for in an LL.M. degree, whether you are thinking about taking one at Pericles or abroad, and Pericles Alumni will be on hand to talk about the Pericles LL.M. and what you will learn.   

The language of the event is English.

Schedule of the Open LL.M. Session.

18:30-19:00 Registration & open networking discussion.

19:00-19:30 Info Session: “What to look for in an LL.M. degree?”  with Pericles Dean, Marian Dent

19:30-20:00 Master Class: “Communication Logic:  Structuring Effective Legal Writing” with Prof. Andrew Mendelssohn

20:00-20:30 Info Session; “Inside the Pericles LL.M. Program”  the inside scoop from Pericles Alumni representatives.

20:30-21:00 Master Class: “Extraterritoriality of US Criminal Law and the FIFA Investigation” with Prof. Christina M. Pan Marshall

21:00-21:20  Closing Discussion and Q&A with Pericles Alumni and Admissions Director Shahruh Mahkamdjanov

21:20-22:00 Networking with snacks and soda.

Please click  here to register.

Pericles Center for International Legal Education,

Room 301, 1st Miusskaya Ulitsa 22, building 3
Moscow, 125047, Russian Federation 

If you have any questions concerning the event contact Shahruh Mahkamdjanov by phone 7-495-649-2273 or via e-mail admissions@pericles.ru   

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Аксином. Переводческие услуги для юридического сообщества

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