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Pericles LL.M. Competitive Scholarships for New Graduates

Competitive Scholarships are Open to applicants who meet all of the four criterias below :

1) Are 20-25 years of age, and
2) Are either

Graduating this year from a bachelor’s, specialist, J.D. or equivalent first law degree, or
Graduating this year from or currently attending a full time magister, LL.M., candidate, Ph.D. or equivalent second law degree program.
3) Have proven legal English skills as evidenced by either

TOEFL score of 90 or above within the past two years, or
IELTS score of 7 or above within the past two years, or
Pericles LL.M. entrance exam score of 70 or above in total, with at least 35 on the writing portion and 30 on the objective portion.
Participation in national or international rounds of the Jessup, Telders or VIS moot court competition and placement in the top half of oralists.
4) Have proven academic skills as evidenced by either

Pericles LL.M. entrance exam score of 70 or above in total, with at least 35 on the writing portion and 30 on the objective portion.
A red diploma, or equivalent honors diploma, or
A reference letter from your law school diploma advisor, or
Two reference letters from other professors at your law school, or
A reference letter from a Pericles LL.M. graduate.

http://www.pericles.ru/able/llm_competi ... udents.htm


Scholarship recipients pay the reduced amount of 5900 rubles per credit (This is a 2/3 scholarship. Thus, the approximate tuition per semester is 29,500-34,500 rubles, assuming 5-6 credits per semester, and for the whole LL.M. program is 212,400 rubles paid over 2-3 years. For reference, LL.M. students who do not have any scholarship pay 637,200 rubles for the whole LL.M. program)
Further, students graduating from non-Moscow schools, and without immediate family resident in Moscow, will pay 7080 rubles per course for the first semester to ease travel, moving and transition costs. (This price reflects an 84% scholarship for the first semester. First semester tuition should be 14,160 rubles for students taking 2 courses.) After the first semester, these students will pay the aforementioned 5900 rubles per credit.

The scholarship is competitive, meaning scholarship recipients must keep pace with their studies and obtain high grades. The scholarship will end if the student fails to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0/4 after the first 10 credits of courses. Students should be aware that only approximately 20% of Pericles students are able to maintain a 3.0 GPA. Thus, we expect that some percentage of students on this scholarship program will lose their scholarships after the first 10 credits. So, the downside is that a student could lose the scholarship; but the upside is that the student receiving a Competitive New Graduate Scholarship will at least receive the first 10 credits of classes at a considerable discount. (Moscow graduates will have saved 118,000 rubles even if they lose the scholarship after the first year. Students from outside of Moscow under this program will have saved 133,340 rubles even if they lose the scholarship after the first year. )
Students on this program cannot take credit/no credit courses during the first ten credits of the program, they cannot take leaves of absence during any part of the program, and they must take at least 5 credits per semester. Doing any of these things will end their scholarships.
This program is offered at the Moscow campus only.

How to Apply ?

To apply answer 'Yes' to the question: 'Are you applying for Pericles LL.M. Leading Scholarship Program?' in the Pericles LL.M. Application form. Fill it in by the Deadline date (Usually at the beginning of December for Spring applicants and at the middle of April and July for Fall applicants). Before applying online be ready to submit electronic scans of the following documents:

An essay, in English, explaining why you think you should receive the scholarship, and what highlights about your background you believe make you a good candidate to be awarded a scholarship. Essays of approximately 800-1000 words are preferred, with an outside limit of 1500 words. Please write essay in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).
A digital photograph (.jpg or .tif format), frontal picture on a light colored background.
A scanned copy of your transcript (grade report) or most recent student book.

Course Application

Mail the above materials to Shahruh Mahkamdjanov, admissions@pericles.ru if you have troubles submitting them online. Wait for an email from us confirming that we have received your application, and giving you an exam number.

Students should be available to take an entrance exam at Pericles on a date to be determined.

Questions can be addressed to admissions@pericles.ru or to admissions@pericles.ru, or call

(495) 649-22-73
http://www.pericles.ru/able/llm_competi ... udents.htm

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