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Grigoryev, Merenkov & Partners, Law firm

Experience. Results.

Country: Russia
Region: Moscow
Адрес: 12 Presnyanskaya Embankment Moscow 123317 Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 979 2588
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Корпоративное, коммерческое право, M&A

Суды, арбитраж, разрешение споров, медиация

Земля, недвижимость и строительство

Налоговое право, таможня, ВЭД

Интеллектуальная собственность

Антимонопольное право, банкротство

Трудовое право

Practice Description

The legal firm of Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners, founded in Russia in 2011, specializes primarily in supporting the activities of foreign companies who are conducting business in Russia, or who are just entering the Russian market.

Initially we saw ourselves solely as consultants for overseas investors, with expertise in European as well as Russian law, and an understanding of the needs of western business—we speak the same language. Our work is based on a combination of our legal expertise and our knowledge of the realities of the Russian market—our understanding of the particular legal issues in this area and the issues specific to Russia’s business environment.

Thanks to this combination we are able to draw upon our international and local experience and, at the same time, to employ an innovative approach to providing legal services, which we refer to as our comprehensive approach.

In working with our Russian clients and their western colleagues, the firm of Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners devotes the same careful attention to all parties involved. Furthermore, we are constantly adding to our client base, establishing new contacts, and adding staff to our Moscow office. Therefore we can claim without hesitation that we are a full-service legal firm, providing world-class legal support and professional assistance to both Russian and international businesses.

The firm does not limit its circle of clients to moderate- or large-scale corporations. We also partner with small companies, start-up enterprises, and even private individuals.

Over the course of our work in Russia we have achieved impressive results, successfully completing more than 100 projects, including mergers and acquisitions agreements and litigation. These projects have provided the firm with unique experience in particular industries, such as oil and gas production, mining, construction, taxation and banking matters, and investment.

Our activities also cover a broad range geographically, spanning most of the territory of the Russian Federation, from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Western Siberia.

The firm of Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners is structured according to a western model, which provides for clear regulation of responsibilities, interactions with clients, reporting and billing.

The core leadership of the firm consists of its partners, experienced lawyers who have worked for major Russian law firms and international consulting companies. Through this experience they have gained not only expertise in national and international law, but also an understanding of the uniquely western traditions in both legal affairs and customer service.

The staff of Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners is made up of legal professionals, including foreign specialists, whose knowledge and professional experience allows them to resolve the most complex problems efficiently, while working as part of a unified team for a particular project.

We have established and implemented a system of practice sectors that allows us to make work assignments independent of legal departments, so working groups can be formed of the most experienced specialists. We do not adhere to strict, narrow specialization by our staff, with each focusing on some particular aspect of the case. Each of our attorneys has a variety of assignments and is not expected to confine his efforts and talents to a limited set of practices. This approach allows for professional versatility, and encourages the staff constantly to add to their knowledge and share their experiences. For clients this approach avoids formulaic solutions and ensures an analytical understanding of the entire project, so they can have confidence in every step of the process. This combination of qualities is the foundation of all our work, and also forms the basis for our personnel selection.

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