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Advocates Bureau Yug, Attorneys at law

Finding the right solutions

Country: Russia
Region: Krasnodar & Krasnodarsky krai
Адрес: 16,Krasnaya Str., Krasnodar, Russia, 350063
Phone: +7 (861) 27 99 111
Fax: +7 (861) 27 99 222
Site: www.abylaw.com, абюг.рф, адвокатскоебюроюг.рф
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Practice Description



ABY - is a law firm founded in 1995 providing legal consulting services throughout all branches of law connected with commerce to Russian and foreign companies in Russian Federation and abroad. Currently ABY is a united team of professionals, whose job is to reach the most complicated law targets of our Customers, regarding their dynamic growth and development using the international standards and regional work experience.

Advocates of ABY are acknowledged experts in civil, private international, administrative, labour, land, financial, tax and other branches of law.

ABY’s attorneys have been recognized by the professional associations of a number of countries, including the International Bar Association (London), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London), International Association of Young Lawyers and in other international associations. Such collaboration reveals auxiliary facilities for our customers because we have opportunities to involve the most competent lawyers in conducting a case all over the world and get an access to the necessary legal information.

Specialists of ABY assist companies with incorporation of various types of businesses, advise on issues related to mobilization of capital, international trade, land and real estate transactions, intellectual property, labor law, as well as litigation in general jurisdiction and arbitration courts.

ABY has gained considerable experience in legal support by rendering to companies conducting various types of business, including commercial and industrial real estate, construction, transportation, agriculture, tourism and telecommunications.

Highly professional performance of bureau’s work is determined by individual approach and the focus on the customer’s interests as well as sector specialization and contacts with the international legal association.

Since August 2003 ABY has been able to offer legal services with high international standards by cooperating closely with the international law firm SALANS through a cooperation agreement to provide comprehensive legal consulting services, investment project support and representation of clients at arbitration and other tribunals in Russia and abroad.

In 2008 between Salans and ABY there was a strategically important agreement signed which had been preceded by their highly successful co-operating during 5 years. Within this period of time there was effected a legal work on support of largest investment projects by Salans and ABY together.

ABY strictly stands by principals of confidentiality and legal ethics. We help our customers to do business in Russia with maximum efficiency and legally safe.

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