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Eberg, Stepanov & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law, Law firm

M&A and Corporate Law, Real Estate and Constraction, Dispute Resolution

Country: Russia
Region: Rostov-na-Donu & Rostov region
Адрес: 344002, Rostov-on-Don, M.Gorky Street, 44
Phone: +7 (863) 290-70-82, 267-81-22, 267-85-33
Site: www.eberg.ru
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Practice Description

Eberg, Stepanov & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law, was established in 1998 and initially specialized in corporate law. Nowadays, we are a full-service, one of the leading regional firms in the south of Russia, advising foreign and domestic organizations in Russia and throughout the CIS.

Our firm is now comprised of over 20 highly trained and locally experienced lawyers in Rostov-on-Don office.

“Eberg, Stepanov & Associates” provides legal services on the problems in various branches of the economic activities, including but not limiting insurance, transport, machine-building, agricultural production and recycling. Our lawyers follow all the modifications in legislation and parctice to keep our clients informed in the accordance of their activities with the requirements of legislation as well as the changes in legislation which may influence their business.

“Eberg, Stepanov & Associates” provides legal servicing of the legitimate interests of its Clients in the most complicated bargains jointly with such international law firms, as “Master & Associates”, “SALANS” and others, as well as in cooperation with leading regional taxation and management consultants.

“Eberg, Stepanov & Associates” provides legal services on the problems of merging, take over and corporate law, as well as on the antimonopoly and regulation matters in various branches of the economic activities.

Jurists of our firm avail of large experience of the legal representation in settlement of various corporate matters, as well as in consultancy on the matters of interaction between active participants of various commercial entities.

Our firm renders also legal assistance at all stages of the dispute settlement, including pre-judicial negotiations and fulfillment of the judgement acts or court awards. Our jurists successfully represent legitimate interests of the clients in all instances of the arbitration courts and in those of the courts of general jurisdiction, including Supreme Arbitration Court and Supreme Court of the Russian Federation as well as International Arbitration Court and mediation.

During many years this practice of juridical firm “Eberg, Stepanov & Associates” in the sphere of international mercantile law and follow up of the international investments is one of the major and most authoritative in the south of Russia.

Our firm is dedicated to the legal follow up of the investment projects, consultancy in the sphere of antimonopoly legislation, as well as to the legal follow up of specific bargains, linked with redistribution of the assets.

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