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Consulco International Limited, Law firm

Country: Cyprus
Адрес: Consulco House, 25 Aphrodite Street, P.O.Box 26025. 1666 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: 8-10-357-22-361300
Site: www.consulco.com
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Practice Description

Main directions of work: * Consultations on tax planning * International trade and investments, * Business in the national currency zone (for example, trade for Russian Rubbles in the territory of Russia between Russian Businesses). * Registration of companies for different purposes and of different organizational and legal form in different countries. Registration of trusts, banks, European investment companies as well as European investment firms and funds. * Provision of full legal structure for these companies, including; registered office address in different countries, nominee shareholders, nominee directors, secretary, registered agent. Provision of mail address, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, readdressing of incoming calls, full secretarial services, provision of virtual office services. * Bookkeeping, accounting, preparation of financial statements, legal reports, audit (if necessary). Submission of these financial statements to the state authorities and payment of taxes (if necessary). * Preparation of legal documents on behalf of companies, translations, legalizations of these documents for their further international use. * Opening of bank accounts with European banks for companies and natural persons for trading, investment and accumulative purposes. * Opening of Merchant Accounts. * Assistance in day-to-day banking work. * Arranging for legal opinions, as may be required by banks. * Consultations on financial issues – provision of information and complex support in connection with investments into European and American Investment Funds. * Consultations on trading operations – projects on trading operations, their financing, investments into real estate etc... * Information search on business partners all over the world, checking their creditworthiness. * International debt collection * Search for top-management personnel and specialists in many countries of the world under the trademark of MRI Worldwide. We have opened MRI offices in Moscow, Kyiv, Sofia, Bucharest, Our specialization in the selection of personnel lies in the areas of finances and management, oil extraction and refinery, computer technologies. See http://www.mriww.com/about.asp. * Pygmalion Travel, tourist agency can order airline tickets for clients, organize excursions and cruises as well as booking of hotels and cars.

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