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Senior Corporate Associate

Работодатель: Адвокатское бюро г.Москвы «МГАП», Адвокатское бюро

Город: Moscow

Требования к кандидатам:

MGAP Attorneys at Law is looking for a senior associate in the field of corporate law. Successful candidate should have at least 5+years of corporate and M&A experience to advise both our international and local clients on a wide range of corporate and transaction structuring matters. Strong academic background, as well as fluent English including legal terminology, is an absolute must. Apart from that, despite we are not looking for a tax expert, our candidate shall have a very good understanding of Russian and international taxation, as long as this part of expertise is essential, when it comes to corporate structuring and a day to day support in corporate matters. If you are interested in this position, please send you CV and cover letter in English to moscowoffice@mgap.ru

Куда направлять резюме

Телефон: +7(499) 550-75-57

Email: moscowoffice@mgap.ru


Дата публикации вакансии: 07.12.2018


Дата окончания приема резюме: 28.12.2018
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