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Junior lawyer (Leading Investment Fund)

Работодатель: Norton Caine, www.nortoncaine.com

Город: Moscow

Требования к кандидатам:

Junior lawyer (leading  Investment Fund)   I. INTERNAL SUPPORT TO THE FUND:    Preparing agreements, acts, powers of attorney, resolutions, NDA and other legal documents in Russian and English, make amendments;  Conducting different researches according to the Russian and English law;  Circulating day-to-day legal updates to the legal department of the Fund;   Drafting acts on services and other supporting documents for internal purposes of the Fund;  Communicating with the notaries, banks, etc.;  Liaising with state authorities, registrars, etc: submitting documents on lien registration, filing of foreign residence permits notifications, etc;  Filling in and submission of reports for controlled companies, submission of notifications of participation in foreign companies;  Reviewingengagement letters with external counsels;  Collecting documents for and managing KYC process and perform;  Other compliance matters.   II. INVOLVEMENT INTO INVESTMENT ACTIVITY OF THE FUND:    Interacting with the Fund administrators/companies /co-investors for signing documents on closing the deals;  Preparing checklists for investment transactions of the Fund, review of dd reports, review of basic documents;  Keeping e-records of documents of investment transactions of the Fund and timely verify the correctness and completeness of its execution;  Managing document flow after closing transactions of the Fund;  Legal support to the portfolio companies at the request;  Further deeper involvement in transactions of the Fund.   General requirements: • Legal education in leading universities; • Fluent English; • Minimum 1 year of workexperience (preferably holding structures, investment funds, family office, law firms); • High speed of work; • Profound knowledge of corporate and civil law. If you are interested in the position, please contact Dmitry Prokofiev dprokofiev@nortoncaine.com 

Куда направлять резюме

Телефон: +7 499 579 84 51

Факс: +7 499 579 84 51

Email: info@nortoncaine.com


Дата публикации вакансии: 31.10.2018


Дата окончания приема резюме: 31.12.2018
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